Phone Systems

The Alcatel Office system is an easy to use, multi-functional product which is ideal for small to medium sized businesses . It can be scaled to perfectly fit your business from 1 line with 4 extensions and can grow to 120 lines, with 220 extensions. This system is compatible with analogue, digital, IP & DECT technology. It can also support software integration on your PC.

The Alcatel Enterprise system is capable of growing alongside your business, with the ability to cater for 200 – 15000 users across multi-geographical sites. It is aimed at medium to large businesses, offering a tailored and complete communications solution, combining traditional telephone functions with IP telephony and multimedia options.

IP Telephony

Our IP Telephony service enables us to provide site-to-site communications service across multiple sites including international branches, which would then allow free site to site calls utilizing the latest VoIP technology.

Where previously worldwide companies and moving rigs would have encountered hefty international call bills, we can provide a streamlined monthly fixed cost service, regardless of number of calls and their destination. As an additional feature these calls can be rendered completely secure.


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