Fixed Landline

AL Global can advise on the best type of lines suitable for your business needs and provide the following:-

Analogue – These are basic lines, used for phone (one call at a time), fax or to enable broadband.

ISDN2e - An ISDN2e circuit has 2 channels, allowing 2 simultaneous calls and has superior digital quality. Channels increase in multiples of 2, however for 8 channels and above, ISDN30e lines are recommended.

ISDN30e – An ISDN30e circuit has between 8 – 30 channels, allowing the same number of simultaneous calls as channels.

SIP – SIP (Session Internet Protocol) lines are virtual and rely on high speed broadband to deliver voice. The number of channels is dependent on internet bandwidth. SIP is generally more cost effective than ISDN and is useful when moving premises or opening further sites.

Inbound Services – AL Global 4 Phones can help you make the most of your inbound call traffic and route calls to suit your business. Examples of inbound services include: making additional revenue by choosing a Non-Geographical number (08/03 numbers) to present to your customers or choosing a Geographic number (01/02 numbers) to portray local presence. For more information on other inbound services, call 01224 576000.

Number planning – We can manage number planning on all line types.